Working alongside industry and professionals who are committed to student success, the Game Development and Design Program is dedicated to graduating creative, comprehensively knowledgeable, and talented students in the practices of digital interactive media, game, visualization, and AR/VR development.

Key Benefits


Recruiting and Networking

Targeted recruiting and networking events and programs reduce the time and money involved to hire the right entry-level professional, including career fairs and engagement with Capstone students during the semester. Hiring the wrong fit for you company is expensive, energy draining, and reduces self-esteem. Find the right fit by using the Partner Program to make you feel like a recruitment rock star!



Reach more than 3,000 students across the Arts and Entertainment Technologies, Computer Science, and Radio-Television-Film departments, plus many more students around campus interested in digital interactive media and game development!  Your company will become familiar to students who will want to look for jobs at your company upon graduation and many years later!

thought leadership

Thought Leadership

Custom and programmed events allow you to provide thought leadership in your area of expertise. To deepen your company's reach, students will consider you as a thought leader as they enter the workforce and will remember you as they become senior talent!


Corporate and Community Goodwill

Let’s face it. You want to feel like your company is doing good things for the community, and so do the rest of your employees. By engaging students, your employees will be energized and enthused. This feeling will have a halo effect, within and outside, of your company!

Strong university programs drive industry growth. By participating in the Partner Program, you are enhancing your future business opportunities and growth!

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The contribution amount is flexible for qualified companies, such as small and out-of-state companies and non-profits.

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Who We Are

  • artists and designers

    Artists and Designers

    A new, innovative department was created in the College of Fine Arts focused on art, audio, and design called Arts and Entertainment Technologies (AET). Students graduating from this department are naturally interdisciplinary from learning about how to create art and music, produce game and level designs, and even code! That said, AET students typically focus on a discipline to develop expertise. You find students who are 2D and 3D game artists, technical artists, music and sound designers, game and level designers, technical designers, and scripters.

  • programmers


    The Department of Computer Science (CS) has been ranked as a top 10 program in the U.S. for decades. CS students first learn the fundamentals of programming before concentrating on game programming, providing them with both the breadth and depth of knowledge to not only be productive on day one but continue to be productive as the ever evolving development landscape changes. The game concentration includes courses such as graphics, game technology, game programming paradigms, and the two Capstone courses where they learn how to work in interdisciplinary teams to create complex, maintainable games in a short time timeframe.

  • animators


    The Radio-Television-Film (RTF) department is a top 10 program among public universities in the U.S. Students studying in RTF who are focused on game development learn about 2D and 3D animation, world building, and storytelling. Many students who focus on animation also know rigging.

  • Esteben Zalvidar

  • The Game Development and Design Program was great, its interdisciplinary approach allows you to choose your area of interest and collaborate with different disciplines. Through the program I began familiarizing myself with game development, started networking with industry folks and landed my first internship, which would later allow me to obtain my first full-time position as a game designer after graduation.

    Esteben Zalvidar, Capstone Class of Fall 2013

Game Development Partners

UT's Game Development and Design students are talented, hard-working, and hit the ground running on day one.

Scott Henderson, VP of Central Technology at SciPlay Corporation

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