The CS Department maintains its own phone server.  Operating phones in CS is similar to elsewhere on campus, but any questions or problems should be sent to

To call an on-campus number, simply dial the 5-digit phone number.  For off-campus local calls, you'll need to dial 9-512-XXX-XXXX.  For long distance and international numbers, you'll need to obtain a 6-digit long-distance dialing code, and then dial 8, wait for a dial tone, enter your long-distance code, wait for another tone, and then enter the number you're dialing (either 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX for US/Canada or 011-[countrycode]-[areacode]-[number] for international calls.

To access your voicemail from your phone, dial *512 and enter your password when prompted.  You'll be given a default password when you start, but you can change that in the voicemail menu.  If you need your voicemail password reset, send mail to

To enable call forwarding from your phone, dial *72 and follow the prompts.  To disable it, dial *73.

For a directory of CS numbers, dial 411.

For emergencies, dial 911.

To use the departmental FAX machine in GDC 2.304, follow the printed instruction sheet attached to the FAX machine.