The Computer Science Department offers a service for backing up user data on portable University-owned computers, using CrashPlan Pro Enterprise software. The service is free for use by CS Department faculty, staff, and graduate students. To get started, you should first download the one of the following Crash Plan Pro software, depending on your system:

Install the software as an administrator on your computer.  It will be automatically configured to connect to the CS Department's backup server. During the installation, you'll need to provide your UTCS login and password.  Select "New Account" and enter your CS login information. If you're installing the backup software onto an additional computer, select "Existing Account".  The backup service will keep separate backups of each of your computers.

By default, the software will be configured to back up the contents of your home directory on your computer, and will update the backups once per hour if the computer is online.  After the initial backup, only newly-changed files are backed up to the server.  Because of this, we *strongly* recommend that you perform the initial backup while connected to the UTCS network (via CSRES or Horatio-DHCP) if possible. If you are connected over UT wireless, you may exceed your account data usage during the initial backup.

Additional notes:

  • The storage used by the backup service does not count towards your UTCS storage quota.
  • Due to state records retention policies, your backup data will only be retained for one year.
  • Your backups are stored on a CS server and do not leave the department.

If you have any questions, please send mail to