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Audio / Visual Equipment Checkout

The Department of Computer Sciences has a variety of A/V equipment available for checkout by CS faculty and staff. This equipment may only be used for University-related functions.

All equipment is owned and maintained by the Department of Computer Sciences. The University has a separate A/V office, with a website at The Department's tech staff do not support any other entity's A/V equipment, nor do they provide support in other buildings (although equipment may be checked out for use across campus).


Equipment must be reserved at least one working day in advance to ensure timely delivery. Equipment is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

If the Department's A/V equipment is to be used outside of GDC, the person checking out the equipment is responsible for:

  • Being trained in the use of the equipment
  • Porting it to the location
  • Operating the equipment in that location
  • Security of the equipment while it is checked out
  • Setting a time for the equipment's return and returning it at that time

For all talks and demonstrations using DLP or LCD projection, we recommend a run-through 24 hours in advance. If an outside speaker is involved, the run-through should be scheduled as far in advance of the actual presentation as possible. Different combinations of computers, projectors, and software often yield unexpected results. Without significant lead time for practice, we cannot guarantee the outcome of the presentation.

All A/V requests should be made via an email to Your message should be as specific as possible, stating exactly what the presentation will require.