Poster Resources

Designing a Poster

  • Making Posters (PDF)
  • Adobe Illustrator CS with manual is available for use in the graduate lounge.
  • Poster pickup is located in the 4th floor grad lounge.

Graphics, Conversion Tools, etc. ​​

Layout Tools

  • ImageMagick suite
    • The ImageMagick suite is capable of all types of conversion and is installed on the CS UNIX machines. Using it is simple: convert originalfile.format newfile.newformat convert automatically determines the original file type from the file itself and chooses the output format based on the file extension you provide for the new file.
  • Templates available in PowerPoint
  • See your professor for LaTeX poster templates.


PLEASE NOTE: UT Computer Science research poster printing services will be unavailable until further notice.

  • If your poster cannot be accommodated in UTCS pubs office, other options are: