Research Poster Instructions

Instructions follow for printing your research poster through the UTCS publications office. In addition to reading the online instructions please read Making Posters (PDF) for more details.

Who Can Receive Posters

Posters are available at no charge to current UTCS students, faculty and staff for department-related work, such as conference presentations and talks. We regret we cannot service other departments or visitors. We cannot produce posters for personal use.

How to Order a Poster

Poster Resources

Designing a Poster

  • Making Posters (PDF)
  • Adobe Illustrator CS with manual is available for use in the graduate lounge.
  • Poster pickup is located in the 5th floor grad lounge.

Graphics, Conversion Tools, etc. ​​

Layout Tools

  • ImageMagick suite
    • The ImageMagick suite is capable of all types of conversion and is installed on the CS UNIX machines. Using it is simple: convert originalfile.format newfile.newformat convert automatically determines the original file type from the file itself and chooses the output format based on the file extension you provide for the new file.
  • Templates available in PowerPoint
  • See your professor for LaTeX poster templates.

Alternative Printing Sources

If your poster cannot be accommodated in UTCS pubs office, other options are: