You can see the expiration date for your account by typing finger <username> on the command line. Under and tmpclass accounts are automatically extended each semester provided the student who holds the account is enrolled in a Computer Science course that semester. For all types of accounts, notice will go out two weeks prior to expiration. If you have received an expiration notice, do the following, according to the type of account you have:

  • under - contact the undergrad advising office in person or by email to They must verify that you have not yet graduated and are still a CS major. They will then contact us to extend your account.
  • tmpclass - email If you are not enrolled in a qualifying CS class, however, your account will not be extended.
  • grad - grad accounts are changed to guest accounts upon graduation and extended for one year. To keep your account beyond that, you will have to have a faculty sponsor. They must request that the account be extended.
  • guest - an extension must be requested by the sponsor of the account. They will also receive the expiration notice.
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