If you wish to change majors out of Computer Science and into another major within the College of Natural Sciences, set up an appointment with an advisor for the major you wish to declare. Any CNS student who has completed more than 45 semester hours of college credit must have a university grade point average of at least 2.00 to be eligible for transfer to another college or school within The UT.

To change into another college, you should look at the website and follow the specific instructions, or contact the dean's office of the college into which you wish to be admitted. Some colleges (including Business, Communications, and Engineering) require new students to attend an internal transfer information meeting before they can speak to an advisor.

You can find more information about majors offered and internal transfer requirements on the UGS Wayfinder website. If you think you want to change majors but aren't sure to what, make an appointment to meet with an advisor in by the Center for Strategic Advising in Jester A115.