Every CS student begins as Entry-Level until they complete the requirements to be promoted into the Upper Division Sequence.

Promotion Requirements:

  • Complete all CS Entry-Level sequence courses (C S 312, 311 and 314) with no grade lower than a “C-”.
  • Complete all CS Entry-Level courses in no more than 2 attempts (dropped courses including Q- drops and Withdrawals count as an attempt).
  • Maintain overall GPA of 2.0

The Upper Division Sequence describes the set of courses normally taken in the last three years of undergraduate study, in which students put to use the tools and concepts learned in Entry-Level courses.  Student’s records will be reviewed following the posting of grades at the conclusion of summer and after each long semester. Students who meet the requirements for promotion will be automatically promoted into the major.

*Please note: University policy states that you may NOT for any reason retake a course if you have made a C- or better. That is true of our Entry-level courses as well.

I didn't get promoted, now what?

If you fail to meet the CS entry-level requirements, and you are ineligible to repeat an entry-level course, your admission to UTCS will be denied, and your major will be changed to CNS Undeclared. The Department of Computer Science takes the success of their students very seriously. The faculty made the decision for the entry level GPA based on the analysis of data regarding the success rate of students in our program and these requirements will be strictly enforced. 

If you wish to appeal this decision, instructions will be provided to you through a Secure Academic Note (SAN) once all promotions have been completed. You will be notified of the outcome of your appeal within the first 12 class days of the semester. 

Here are some important things to remember:

1. You must have an extenuating circumstance to appeal. For example - a medical issue or something similar that had a negative impact on your GPA. This issue will need to be documented by a physician or a nonacademic counselor. 

2. If your appeal is approved, the department will assist you with adding CS courses on or after the FOURTH day of classes.