10/19/2022 - We are unable to provide individual feedback for applicants. Prospective students who believe they may be eligible may review the appropriate degree requirements page that include guidelines on our course transfer and waiver policies. Read more
10/19/2022 - It's essential that students carefully read and complete their ApplyTexas applications with accurate information. Students should be sure to use a reliable contact email as they should expect to receive important updates, reminders, and notifications at the provided email address throughout the admissions process. Changes cannot be made to your ApplyTexas application after it has been submitted, but you may update your CS Department Supplement materials at any time. Read more
10/18/2022 - The UTCS graduate office is unable to offer information sessions or tours to prospective students. Please see the Visit Us page for information on tours available, including self-guided and virtual tours. If you'd like to tour campus but can’t make it to the Visitor Center—or if you’d like a sneak peak—take advantage of one of these offerings: Read more
10/14/2022 - The statement of purpose should be approximately 2 pages describing the applicant's reasons for pursuing graduate study as well as their academic and professional interests and goals. This may include events/experiences that prepared you for CS graduate study and how your interests complement the department's faculty and research. While there are no fixed formatting requirements, students should use their best judgement when making editorial decisions such as the font, font size, etc., of their statement of purpose. Read more
10/14/2022 - Our application deadline is firm. As noted in our application instructions, the CS Department Supplement is a required part of the application process. Once the deadline has passed, so if you have not already created an account on our CS Supplemental Application site before December 15, then your application cannot be considered by our committee. Read more
10/14/2022 - The application process may take several weeks to complete; you should apply well in advance of the deadline to ensure adequate time to submit all required items before the December 15 deadline to the on-campus UTCS graduate program. Read more
10/14/2022 - You may enter internship information in the employment history section. The information submitted to the ApplyTexas site will be collected for the University’s records, however our admissions committee will review work history on the CV you provide to the CS Department Supplement, so be sure to also provide us with your CV if you would like your internship experience considered. Read more
10/14/2022 - Our admissions committee will give more weight to a paper that has been published. If you do upload the paper, please be sure to make it clear that the paper is under review (to not cause confusion when the admissions committee reviews your materials). Read more
10/14/2022 - Our admissions committee will give more weight to publications that appear in internationally recognized conferences and academic journals. If you are unsure of whether to include your publication in your application, I recommend reaching out to your academic advisor for guidance. Read more
10/14/2022 -  The CS department supplement only allows for 2 undergraduate institutions to be uploaded.  If you have attended more than 2 undergraduate institutions, please use the first slot to upload your transcript from the university that has/will award(ed) your undergraduate degree. For the 2nd slot, you may upload your transcript for the coursework you think best reflects your CS abilities. Transcripts for all universities you’ve attended should be uploaded separately to the MyStatus page. Read more


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