02/03/2011 - Mathematica is available through a campus-wide license held by the Physics department. Follow the link and log in with your UT EID to gain access. Read more
02/03/2011 - Read the CS Department policies here. Other online docs and sources of help are located here. Read more
02/03/2011 - You can see the expiration date for your account by typing finger <username>@cs.utexas.edu on the command line. Under and tmpclass accounts are automatically extended each semester provided the student who holds the account is enrolled in a Computer Science course that semester. For all types of accounts, notice will go out two weeks prior to expiration. If you have received an expiration notice, do the following, according to the type of account you have: Read more
02/03/2011 - Yes, you can have your current account upgraded. Contact help@cs.utexas.edu after the beginning of the semester in which you become a CS major -- we don't get registration information until then -- and request your account be changed to an under account. Read more
02/03/2011 - We have no way of finding out what your password is, so you'll have to change it. You should visit our password update webpage and log in using your UTEID to change your password. Please read the instructions and information provided carefully. If that fails for some reason, open a help ticket by sending an email to help@cs.utexas.edu. For security reasons, passwords are never sent via email. Read more
02/03/2011 - A login name is permanent for the life of an account, as stated on the account form; once the account has been created the login name cannot be changed. Read more
02/03/2011 - The online application to change your shell and mail forwarding address is currently offline. Please email help@cs.utexas.edu and we will make these changes for you. Read more
02/03/2011 - To change any of this information, send email to help@cs.utexas.edu from your CS email address with the changes and a staff member will take care of it. Read more
02/03/2011 - The "Plan" is a printout of a file named .plan in your home directory. For people to see it, the file must be world-readable and your home directory must be world-executable. Read more


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