02/26/2013 - If it is before the 12th class day, you can drop courses on your own in the Registration system. You will receive a tuition refund, if necessary, and classes do not appear on the permanent record. Not attending does not automatically drop you from classes or withdraw you from UT; you need to do that yourself.  Read more
01/09/2013 - This is dependent on what class you are taking. For all CS, math or science courses required by your degree, you must make a C- or better. This means that if you make below a C- on any of these classes, they will only count as electives and will have to be retaken for a grade of C- or better to count for your degree. Read more
01/09/2013 - Withdrawal from The University is done after a student has completed registration for a semester or summer session, and then decides not to attend any classes that semester or session. Read more
01/09/2013 - You should not take a course pass/fail if you need that class to fulfill a degree requirement. Courses taken pass/fail count towards your total number of residence hours and elective hours, but nothing else. They do not count towards your GPA (unless an F is earned) and do not fulfill prerequisite requirements. This means you should NOT take any CS courses as pass/fail unless you are using them for only elective requirements. Only electives should be taken pass/fail, unless you plan on repeating the course later for a letter grade. Read more
01/09/2013 - Yes, you can use a One-Time-Exception Q-drop once in your undergraduate career. This drop counts as one of your 6 allotted Q-drops. You can find more information about the OTE drop on the CNS website. You can pick up the form in the Dean’s office in WCH 1.106 or in the CS Advising Center. The form is due by the last class day of the semester. Read more
01/09/2013 - The College of Natural Sciences uses the UT calendar for purposes of registration, adding and dropping courses, and withdrawing from the university. The general schedule for each semester is as follows: Read more
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