01/09/2013 - In the course schedule, any upper division course that says "Contains a Substantial Writing Component" will fulfill the upper division writing component requirement. Every course schedule lists all the writing component courses offered that semester from every academic department, including Computer Science (click on the "Writing Courses" link in the sidebar). Writing component courses can overlap with other degree requirements. Read more
01/09/2013 - An upper division elective is ANY upper division course that you take to help reach your required total of upper division hours but that does not fulfill any other specific degree requirements. This is your chance to take something different and personally interesting to you. Search through the course schedule to see what's offered, and be sure to notice if the course is restricted or has specific prerequisites. Upper division electives can be taken pass/fail. Read more
01/09/2013 - Courses with the last two digits between 20 and 79 (ex: CS 429, CS 378) are upper division courses. Those with the last two digits lower than 20 are lower division (ex: CS 314). Those courses with the last two digits greater than 79 are graduate courses (ex: CS 380C). Read more
01/09/2013 - Please refer to our Curriculum Changes FAQ. Read more
01/09/2013 - If you are planning to change your major to Computer Science (or add a second major), please follow the instructions on the Internal Transfer page. Non-CS majors should plan to register for CS Elements courses only.  Read more
01/09/2013 - Every student registered for a calculus class at UT will need to take a placement test. The College used to use the ALEKS placement test for calculus classes. The ALEKS test will be used through Summer 2013. Starting Fall 2013, the college will use their own placement test. More information on the new placement test will be posted online closer to Fall. Read more


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