01/09/2013 - Please visit the Elements of Computing website for the most up-to-date information. If you have further information after browsing through the website, please email us. You must include your EID in all communication, by phone, voicemail, or email, for our office to assist you. Read more
01/09/2013 - No. All Elements courses, and any approved equivalents counting towards the Elements certificate, will need to be taken for a letter grade. You will need to receive a C-, or better, in order for the course(s) to count towards the Elements certificate. Read more
01/09/2013 - Please visit the Elements of Computing website to see if the course has already been pre-approved. If a course substitution is "Approved through" a specified semester that means an approved course taken on or prior to the listed semester is a valid course substitution. Read more
01/09/2013 - CS majors CANNOT take Elements courses for any degree requirements, including electives, and are restricted from registering for these classes. Current CS majors will be dropped from these classes upon review of the rosters. Read more
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