02/15/2011 - Assuming you want more than wireless networking, you have two options. One is only intended for short-term visitors and students such as undergrads without offices. These users can use Horatio with the public DHCP network jacks located in the public UNIX lab in GDC 3.302 and they should have ethernet cables already attached. Read more
02/15/2011 - A "public" machine is a machine that can be logged into by anyone with a CS account; the name linux.cs.utexas.edu is always aliased to a public Linux machine. You can use the command cshosts to find out more information about other machines on the CS network; type cshosts help or man cshosts for more information about how to use it. Alternatively, you can visit the public host status page for a list of public hosts and their current status. Read more
02/15/2011 - Facilities problems should be reported directly to Physical Plant Planning and Scheduling by calling 471-0043 (for GDC) during normal working hours, or sending email to pphlp@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu. For urgent conditions outside normal working hours please call 471-2020. For urgent conditions directly affecting CS department facilities, e.g. fire, flood, ceiling leaks onto machines, etc, please notify help@cs.utexas.edu after notifying emergency personnel. Read more
02/15/2011 - See the cluster documentation page. Read more
02/03/2011 - The public labs are located in GDC 3.302 and GDC 1.310.  Each station in GDC 1.310 contains a UNIX machine and a Windows machine with a KVM switch to go from one to the other. GDC 3.302 contains mostly UNIX machines and a few Windows machines. You can also access the UNIX computers remotely via ssh; view the public UNIX host status page for a list of the UNIX computers and their current status. These labs are open to all students currently enrolled in a CS course. Read more
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