02/16/2011 - Tcl is located in the directory /usr/bin/tclsh, and wish is located in the directory /usr/bin/wish. Also, Tcl extensions expect, itcl, and tix are installed. Read more
02/16/2011 - GNU gdb (/usr/bin/gdb) is available on all of the supported machines. ddd (/usr/bin/ddd) is a graphical interface to gdb. All debuggers should work for either C or C++, and possibly FORTRAN and Pascal as well. Read more
02/16/2011 - gcl is available as /usr/bin/gcl, Steel Bank Common Lisp as /usr/bin/sbcl, and clisp as /usr/bin/clisp. Read more
02/16/2011 - Yes, Python is located in the directory: /usr/bin/python. Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language that combines power with clear syntax. See "man python" for more information. Read more
02/16/2011 - Yes, the directory location is: /usr/bin/perl. Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) is a scripting language often used under UNIX. Perl provides access to all operating system calls but is interpreted (not compiled), so it is faster to code and easier to debug than writing, say, C; but it typically runs more slowly. Read more
02/16/2011 - gfortran is available as /usr/bin/gfortran. Read more
02/16/2011 - GNU gcc is available in /usr/bin/gcc. g++ is the C++ compiler based on gcc and is located in /usr/bin/g++. There are several additional versions of each of these (4.4, 4.6 and 4.8 found by adding -4.4, etc to the path).  GNU gcc 5.2 is installed in /lusr/opt/gcc-5.2.0.  If you need that version, you'll need to add /lusr/opt/gcc-5.2.0/bin to your path. Read more
02/16/2011 - We have installed Java in /usr/bin/java. We generally have the latest version on the default system path so you will get that version by default.  All version of java are installed in /usr/lib/jvm, if you need a different version. Read more
02/16/2011 - An Oracle database server and a MySQL server are installed for use by some classes; please check with the class instructor about how to get access to them and how to use them. The MySQL database server program (mysqld) is installed only on the Linux machines and client programs and libraries on all of the architectures when requested by an instructor. Read more
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