02/16/2011 - Press the escape key (esc on some machines) to make sure you are in command mode (also called edit mode). In command mode type "ZZ" or ":wq". If you want to exit without saving changes, use ":q!". Read more
02/16/2011 - Hold down the ctrl key and press x; then c. Please make sure you exit before you log out. See the man pages on Emacs for more information. Read more
02/16/2011 - The two major UNIX editors are emacs and vi. Other editors installed are xedit, xemacs, pico, ed,  sublime_text,  and nano. Read more
02/16/2011 - You can view the file using evince, libreoffice,  gv or xpdf. LibreOffice supports printing to PDF files. Read more
02/16/2011 - LibreOffice is installed on the linux machines and it capable of viewing Microsoft documents. Just run /usr/bin/libreoffice or select it from the applications menu in your windows manager. Read more
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