Graduate Programs


Texas Computer Science has been a driving force from the beginning of the digital revolution. Our graduate program began in 1966, the same year DARPA started working on the project that became the Internet and more than a decade before Apple or Microsoft was founded. Today our program ranks consistently among the top 10 graduate programs in the country.


The foundation of the department's graduate program is its research. Particular areas of strength include Systems (hardware, software, and the interface between them), Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Networks, Security, Data Mining and Visualization, Bioinformatics, Theory, and Formal Methods and Verification.


Our graduate faculty is a group of over 40 award-winning leaders in the CS research community. They hold Turing Awards, they are members of the National Academies, and they serve as Presidential advisors. And they run research groups through which our graduate students participate in world changing research efforts.

  • On-Campus Master's Program

    Our master's program is intended as a terminal degree. It is designed for students who have a bachelor's degree in CS or a related field and want to broaden and deepen their knowledge of computer science, typically to enhance their careers in industry. The department offers two on-campus Master's degree options: the MSCS with thesis and the MSCS no thesis/no report.

  • Online Master's Program

    The Master of Science in Computer Science Online program provides a flexible learning environment while fostering personal engagement between professors and students. Taught by UT faculty, many of whom are award-winning leaders in the CS research community, the program supplies rigorous training to expand your expertise in areas such as advanced systems design, machine learning and artificial intelligence. By the end of the program, students will have gained the skills needed to accelerate their careers.

  • Ph.D. Program

    Our Ph.D. program is designed for students who wish to pursue research careers, either in academia or in industry. We encourage outstanding students to apply, including those in allied fields (such as mathematics or electrical engineering) who have a strong aptitude in computer science. Students who know that they want to pursue a Ph.D. are encouraged to apply directly to the Ph.D. program, even if they have not already earned a Master degree.