Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin! We're very excited that you are joining us in our mission to provide excellence in computer science education.

Get Started:

New Employee Checklist

UT's Department of Human Resources provides a New Employee Checklist to assist you with completing all the required on-boarding items within your first month on the job. This checklist includes essential documents that must be completed by you, as well as helpful information about benefits, compliance, and training. Completing this checklist will help ensure you are paid and receive employee benefits in a timely manner.

Please work with our department's administrative and accounting team to complete this process according to the timeline listed on the checklist webpage.


Get to know us:

Faculty & Staff Directory

Meet your fellow faculty and staff by visiting our Faculty & Staff Directory

Contact Information

Visit our contact information page to learn who your contacts are for various department needs.

Department Calendar 

To see what's happening in the department, visit the UTCS Calendar. Our schedule is packed with colloquia, industry events (Friends of Computer Science), student organization events, and more. 

UTCS Direct

UTCS Direct is your portal to a host of valuable forms, applications, and policies unique to our department. You'll probably want to bookmark it!


Visit the university's Emergency Website for the latest communications from The University of Texas at Austin in the event that there is an emergency. The website provides information on emergency preparedness at the university, as well as additional resources for communications and information during a technical outage or university emergency.  

To reach university police, you can call 911 from any campus phone.


Get your access:

University Identification Card (UT ID)

All new faculty and staff need to obtain their university identification card (UT ID) and upgrade their EID to "high-assurance" from the ID Center in the lobby of FAC. Please visit this page to see their hours of operation and a list of any documents you will need to bring with you. This is an important step! You cannot do very many things until this is complete.

CS Account

You will need a UTCS account to access your department email, sign on to a department-owned computer, or to access most department applications. Your supervisor will need to open a Help Request or email help@cs.utexas.edu with your EID to have you added to our roster. After that, you can sign up for your account here. After the account is obtained, machine access can be requested via a help request.


For basic wireless internet access, you can log in to UT's restricted wireless access "utexas" using your high-assurance EID.

For access to the department network, see the network documentation page for instructions.

Building Access

After-hours building access is gained through your UT ID card. There are card entry doors on the south side of the South building, and one each on the north and south sides of the North building. If your UT ID card does not allow you access, please open a Help Request or email help@cs.utexas.edu.


To obtain a key to your office, please request a key slip from your supervisor. You can take the key slip (along with your UT ID card) to Locks & Key Services, located in the Services Building on 24th St. near San Jacinto. 

Cabinet and drawer keys are handled in the department. If they were not left in the office, ask your supervisor if they have them. Otherwise, they can be requested via a Help Request or by emailing help@cs.utexas.edu.


Faculty and staff will be assigned a mailbox in the mailroom, GDC 2.304, inside the admin suite. The suite is open M-F, 8:00am-5:00pm. After hours, you’ll need to use your ID card to enter. To have mail sent to your box, you can have it addressed as follows:

(Your Name)
Department of Computer Science
GDC (Your office number)
2317 Speedway, Stop D9500
Austin, TX 78712

Copier Code

Copiers are located in the mailroom, GDC 2.304, inside the admin suite. The suite is open M-F, 8:00am-5:00pm. After hours, you’ll need to use your ID card to enter. An access code for the copy machines can be obtained by filling out a Copier Code Request


Get supplies and equipment:

Office Supplies

The department maintains a supply of general office supplies, such as paper, pens, notebooks, and dry erase markers, for faculty and staff to use. You can pick some up by visiting the mailroom in GDC 2.304 or the Purchasing office in GDC 2.822.

Purchase requests

New purchases will need to be requested via a Purchase Request so that the department's purchasing officer can procure it from an approved vendor. Please note that it is never acceptable to personally purchase items and request reimbursement, nor are you authorized by the university to sign any contracts or make any purchasing agreement on behalf of the university.

Large purchases (over $15,000) fall under special purchasing policies, including a bidding process and additional levels of approval. The process for these orders can take longer than expected, so please submit your purchase request as early as possible to get this process started.

Faculty and staff can browse UT Market, the university's interactive shopping app, to see contract prices from a few of our approved vendors, such as Dell and the Campus Computer Store. You can customize a shopping cart and send it to the department purchasing officer to supplement (but not replace) your purchase request. This is especially helpful when purchasing custom computers and servers. For information on how to do this, or for any other purchasing questions, please contact purchase@cs.utexas.edu.

Food and Drink, Official Occasion Expenses

If you would like to purchase food and drink, or if you would like to purchase any supplies or services for a university event, special policies apply. Please contact the accounting team to start this process. Please note that you are not authorized by the university to sign any agreements, including for catering or other services.


Get stuff done:


Employees are required to fill out weekly electronic timesheets within Workday.

Room Requests

To request a room reservation, visit the Room page of the UTCS Calendar. Rooms can be requested by clicking the [+] in the top right corner of the date of the event on the appropriate calendar. Your reservation will not be finalized until the department's room scheduler has reviewed and approved.

Classroom reservations for university courses are handled by the department's course scheduler.

Publications Requests

The UTCS Talk/Event, Research Poster and Creative Services Request application is located here. There are three separate forms in this application:

  1. UTCS Talk/Event Request - for staff, faculty and outside parties to submit a talk or event.
  2. Research Poster Printing Request - for faculty and grad students to request to have a poster printed.
  3. Creative Services Request - for faculty and staff who need a poster, brochure, etc. designed and/or printed.

Need Help?

You can ask questions or report issues to the tech and facilities support staff by opening a Help Request or emailing help@cs.utexas.edu. If you're not sure who to contact, open a helpreq, and your ticket will be forwarded to the appropriate party.


Additional Information For

For administrative questions, please contact Nicole Sherrod. For academic questions, please contact Doug Roberts


An empty public Web directory has been created for you in your home directory. For more information on how to set up your homepage, please see the web documentation page.

Classroom Computer Access

Please use your EID to sign into classroom computers.


CLIPS is used for locating class information, including rosters, authorizing TAs to grade and view information, grade submissions, final exam information, and more.


Canvas (replacing Blackboard) can be used for posting assignments, announcements, and more.


Final grades should be submitted online by the instructor of record by going to Grade Reporting. Grade reporting deadlines can be found by going to Course Schedules, clicking on the current semester, and selecting grades. If necessary, grade changes can be made through Online Grade Changes.

Final Exams

Final Exam Policies are listed in the University Catalog. The index of default final exam times can be found under the current finals section on Final Exams. Our department will send out notifications for final exam requests mid-semester.

Course Instructor Surveys

The authorized departmental CIS Contact will coordinate with faculty to submit official survey requests each session. More information on the surveys can be found here.


Classroom books are ordered through the University Co-op. An email notification will be sent before the beginning of each session.

University Calendar

Current and upcoming long session and summer calendars can be found by going to University Academic Calendars

Software Requests

The tech staff send out a call for software requests each semester, many months in advance. If you plan to use CS-provided software in our public labs or remotely, you will need to request such software promptly when the call goes out. It is important to request any software needed, even if is currently installed. We may remove or plan to remove software that we think isn't being used. You can send any questions regarding software to help@cs.utexas.edu