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On Saturday, February 12th, the Computer Science department hosted 158 students from 32 different high schools at the 2nd annual UTCS University Interscholastic League (UIL) Contest. Teams from all over the state traveled to compete in the open format contest. In addition to local Austin area schools, there were entries from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Waller, Weslaco, Ozona and Palacios.

Students began the day with a presentation by Professor Calvin Lin. His presentation explored the dramatic changes computer science has enabled and encouraged students to continue their studies in computer science when they moved on to college.

The computer science competition itself consisted of an individual written test in the morning and a team-programming contest in the afternoon. Teams of three students tackled twelve programming problems, trying to solve as many of them as possible in the two-hour time limit. UTCS students served as judges and volunteers.

Mark Fulbright of Richardson High School and Andrew Liu of Cypress Woods High School tied for first place on the written exam in the large school division. Each student missed only one of 40 questions over Java programming, algorithms and data structures. The small school winner was Jacob Kovar of Needville High School.

The team of Matthew Dierker, Andrew Lin, Chirag Sakhuja of William P. Clements High School achieved the highest programming score during the afternoon competition. The team solved 11 of the 12 programming problems.

Team members combined written scores and their programming score to determine overall results. In the large school division (high school classifications of 4A and 5A), the team of Matt Reid, Jose Vera and Grant Zheng from Seven Lakes High school took first place honors with a score of 1,285 out of possible 1,440. The team is coached by Paul Stroud, the computer science teacher at Seven Lakes High School. The small school division (high school classifications of 1A, 2A, and 3A) was led by the team of Clarissa Burciaga, Mason Egger and Jacob Kovar of Needville High School. They are coached by Delta McFarland, the computer science teacher at Needville.

UIL sponsors and coordinates high school academic competitions in 22 areas including computer science. High school students compete in a series of open and invitational contests in the fall and winter, and then attempt to qualify for the state competition via district and regional contests.

Top Places

Large School Written
First Place: Mark Fulbright of Richardson High School and Andrew Liu of Cypress Woods High School
Third Place: Ryan Bailey of Johnson High School, Matthew Chang of Westlake High School, Nick McCleerey of John Jay High School, Julia Michael of Plano High School and Tiffany Wong of Johnson High School

Small School Written
First Place: Jacob Kovar of Needvile High School
Second Place: Sean Kim of the Harmony School of Advancement
Third Place: Geoffrey Brady of Needville High School

Overall Team Results, Large School
First Place: Seven Lakes High School, Coach Paul Stroud
Second Place: William P Clements High School, Coach Lubna Lorena
Third Place: Plano High School, Coach Cindy Gallatin

Overall Team Results, Small School
First Place: Needville High School, Coach Delta McFarland
Second Place: Harmony School of Advancement, Team One, Coach Dilara Cavus
Third Place: Harmony School of Advancement, Team Two, Coach Dilara Cavus


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