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From: ZDNet | IBM to collaborate with universities on Watson's QA tech

IBM and eight universities from around the world will collaborate on developing the company's Watson supercomputer and the question-answering technology behind it. The University of Texas at Austin Department of Computer Science which will collaborate on automated reasoning and common sense

The Watson supercomputer will appear on US quiz show Jeopardy to compete against humans.

The universities signed up to advance Watson's question-answering (QA) technology include: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and its Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab; University of Texas, which will collaborate on automated reasoning and common sense; University of Southern California, which will focus on information extraction and parsing; and Carnegie Mellon, which already contributed algorithms to Watson.

The plan is to develop an open architecture — including open source software — so researchers can collaborate on Watson's QA technology and apply those enhancements in the field.

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