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Equipment Donations

Equipment donations to UTCS can be a key component of partnerships between industry and the department. Equipment donations allow the department to offer state-of-the-art equipment for faculty and student use as well as afford donor recognition and visibility within department labs and spaces.

The Intel Lab, located in the basement of ENS, will be used by undergraduate and graduate students to further their understanding of the field of computer science, complete homework and assignments, and perform research. The lab’s Linux workstations utilize the Condor job distribution system, which allows the workstations to process remote-managed research jobs during times when the computers would otherwise be idle. This system provides supercomputing resources to our students and faculty and ensures that the Linux workstations will be fully utilized.

Intel has also donated equipment to faculty members Dr. Kristen Grauman, to support her research in computer vision and object recognition, Dr. Mike Walfish, to support his research in network and distributed systems and security, and Dr. Brent Waters, to support his research in network security and applied cryptography. The equipment will be used to support both the individual labs and the research groups of these faculty. Undergraduate research initiatives will also benefit from the use of the equipment. 

The Lockheed Martin Teaching Lab (located in Painter Hall) addresses the instructional computing needs of a wide range of courses in a single environment that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each computer station contains a dedicated computer running Microsoft Windows and another running the Linux operating system. This provides students with easy and constant access to the hardware and software they need for coursework and research.  The lab is accessible to all students, including undergraduate and graduate students. 

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