Adam Klivans

Adam Klivans is a recipient of the NSF Career Award. His research interests lie in machine learning and theoretical computer science, in particular, Learning Theory, Computational Complexity, Pseudorandomness, Limit Theorems, and Gaussian Space. He also serves on the editorial board for the Theory of Computing and Machine Learning Journal.


Research Interests: 
  • Learning Theory
  • Computational Complexity
  • Pseudorandomness
  • Limit Theorems
  • Gaussian Space

Select Publications

A. Klivans. 2014. Sparse Polynomial Learning and Graph Sketching.
A. Klivans. 2013. Learning Halfspaces under Log-Concave Densities: Polynomial Approximations and Moment-Matching.
A. Klivans. 2012. Submodular Functions are Noise Stable.
A. Klivans. 2012. An Invariance Principle for Polytopes.
A. Klivans. 2011. An FPTAS for #Knapsack and Related Counting Problems.

Awards & Honors

2012 - College of Natural Science Teaching Excellence Award
2011 - Research Professorship, MSRI
2006 - Best Student Paper Award, COLT
2002 - NSF Mathematical Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
2001 - Best Student Paper Award, STOC