Alan Cline

Professor Emeritus


Research Areas: 
Research Interests: 
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Mathematical Software


Select Publications

Cline, A. K., & Dhillon, I. S.. 2006. Handbook of Linear Algebra. CRC Press.
A. K. Cline, D. H. King, J. M. Meyering. 1 June 1992. Routing and Scheduling Coast Guard Buoy TendersInforms Journal on Applied Analytics. 56-72.
A.K. Cline, R. J. Renka. 1990. A Constrained Two Dimensional Triangulation and the Solution of Closest Node Problems in the Presence of Barriers. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. 1305-1321.
A.K. Cline, R. J. Renka . 1984. Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics. 199-140.
A.K. Cline, R. J. Renka. 1941. A Triangle-based Interpol C1 Interpolation Method. Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium. 223-238.

Awards & Honors

2010 - University of Texas Regents Outstanding Teachers Award
2009 - Jean Holloway Award for Excellence in Teaching
2005 - Election to the Academy of Distinguished Teachers