Alison Norman

Associate Professor of Instruction
Dr. Norman is an Associate Professor of Instruction in The University of Texas at Austin Computer Science Department. She received both her M.S. in computer science and her Ph.D. in computer science from this department. Since then, she has been fortunate enough to spend her days teaching systems to undergraduates and performing outreach to underserved communities. Her research interests lie in the intersection of supercomputing and program analysis with a special interest in static techniques to improve checkpointing. She is also interested in large-scale simulation.

Select Publications

Alison N. Norman and Calvin Lin. December 2011. A Scalable Algorithm for Compiler-Placed Staggered Checkpointing. Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems Conference.
Ozment, Andy, Alison Smith, and Wendy Newstetter. July 2000. Causes for Cheating: Unclear Expectations in the Classroom. American Society for Engineering Education.