Garrett Warnell

Dr. Garrett Warnell is a Visiting Researcher at the Department of Computer Science at UT Austin. Before coming to UT, Dr. Warnell completed his PhD and Master's, both in Electrical Engineering. at the University of Maryland, and he obtained his B.S. in Computer Engineering at Michigan State University. Some of Dr. Warnell's research interests include machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous systems, computer vision, and more.

Select Publications

H Karnan, G Warnell, F Torabi, P Stone. 2022. Adversarial Imitation Learning from Video using a State Observer.
JM Gregory, G Warnell, J Fink, SK Gupta. 2021. Improving Trajectory Tracking Accuracy for Faster and Safer Autonomous Navigation of Ground Vehicles in Off-Road Settings.
Z Xu, X Xiao, G Warnell, A Nair, P Stone. 2021. Machine learning methods for local motion planning: A study of end-to-end vs. parameter learning.
R Zhang, F Torabi, G Warnell, P Stone. 2021. Recent advances in leveraging human guidance for sequential decision-making tasks.
KS Sikand, S Rabiee, A Uccello, X Xiao, G Warnell, J Biswas. 2021. Visual representation learning for preference-aware path planning.