Oliver Jensen

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Oliver Jensen's research centers around Security and Privacy, Protocol Design (NFC, Mobile Payments), and Offensive and Defensive Technologies. He is teaching for the University of Texas remotely, and is otherwise employed as a Senior Security Engineer at Workiva.


Research Interests: 

Security and Privacy, Protocol Design (NFC, Mobile Payments), Offensive and Defensive Technologies 

Select Publications

Oliver Jensen. May 2017. Secure Protocols for Contactless Credit Cards and Electronic Wallets. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Texas. 144.
Oliver Jensen, Tyler O’Meara, and Mohamed Gouda. 2016. Securing NFC Credit Card Payments against Malicious Retailers. NETYS. 15.
Oliver Jensen, Mohamed Gouda, Lili Qiu. 2016. A Secure Credit Card Protocol over NFC. ICDCN. 9.