Ron Elber

Professor, Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences
Dr. Elber's research focuses on modeling proteins with biophysics and bioinformatics. In biophysics, his interests are in developing algorithms to extend time scales of simulations. Critical time scales in molecular biophysics cover 15 orders of magnitude, from femtoseconds (light absorption and initiation of vision) to hours (slow permeation processes through membranes). He has developed an algorithm (Milestoning) that extracts information from short-time dynamics and constructs a model for long-time processes. Elber’s theories and algorithms are implemented in the software package MOIL.


Research Interests: 
  • Biophysics
  • Chemical Biology
  • Chemical Physics and Dynamics
  • Chemical Theory and Computation
  • Structural Biology


Research Labs & Affiliations: 

The Center for Computational Life Sciences and Biology

Select Publications

Alfredo E Cardenas, Cari M Anderson, Lauren J Webb, Ron Elber. March 26, 2019. Partition of Positively and Negatively Charged Tryptophan Ions in Membranes with Inverted Phospholipid Heads: Simulations and Experiments. American Chemical Society.
Arman Fathizadeh, Ron Elber. March 7, 2019. Simulation of the passive permeation of potassium ion through phospholipid membranes: Thermodynamics and kinetics. American Physical Society.
Mason L Valentine, Alfredo E Cardenas, Ron Elber, Carlos R Baiz. February 15, 2019. Dynamic Effects of Calcium on Membranes Containing Phosphatidylserine. Elsevier.
Piao Ma, Alfredo E Cardenas, Mangesh Chaudhari, Ron Elber, Susan L Rempe. February 15, 2019. Early Translocation of Anthrax Lethal Factor: Kinetics from Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Milestoning Theory. Elsevier.
Katelyn Poole, Ron Elber. February 15, 2019. Atomically Detailed Simulation of the Powerstroke in Myosin II by Milestoning. Elsevier.