Vladimir Lifschitz

Professor Emeritus
Vladimir Lifschitz leads the Texas Action Group (TAG) which is a group of researchers interested in the study of formal and automated reasoning about the effects of actions using action languages and logic programming under the answer set semantics. He is also on the editorial board of various journals like the Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, Journal of Applied Logic, and Logical Methods in Computer Science. His research interests are in computational logic and knowledge representation.


Research Interests: 
  • Computational logic
  • Knowledge representation

Select Publications

M. Gebser, A. Harrison, R. Kaminski, V. Lifschitz and T. Schaub. 2015. Abstract Gringo.
P. Ferraris, J. Lee and V. Lifschitz. 2011. Stable Models and Circumscription.
V. Lifschitz and A. Razborov. 2006. Why Are There So Many Loop Formulas?.
E. Giunchiglia, J. Lee, V. Lifschitz, N. McCain and H. Turner. 2004. Nonmonotonic Causal Theories.
V. Lifschitz, D. Pearce and A. Valverde. 2001. Strongly Equivalent Logic Programs.