Yoonchang Sung

Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Yoonchang Sung is a postdoctoral fellow in the Learning Agents Research Group within the Computer Science Department at the University of Texas at Austin, hosted by Prof. Peter Stone. He is interested in building intelligent robots that can plan efficiently, learn from past experience, and reason about their decisions and other agents. In particular, he designs algorithms for task and motion planning and multi-robot systems that he expects to be both theoretically and practically useful.


Research Interests: 

Yoonchang's research focuses on designing algorithms for task and motion planning and multi-robot systems that are both theoretically and practically useful. 


Select Publications

Yoonchang Sung, Leslie Kaelbling, Tomás Lozano-Pérez . 2021. Learning when to quit: meta-reasoning for motion planning .
Shen Li, Daehyung Park, Yoonchang Sung, Julie Shah, Nicholas Roy . 2021. Reactive task and motion planning under temporal logic specifications .
Yoonchang Sung, Deeksha Dixit, Pratap Tokekar . 2021. Environmental hotspot identification in limited time with a UAV equipped with a downward-facing camera .
Zhongshun Zhang, Jonathon M. Smereka, Joseph Lee, Lifeng Zhou, Yoonchang Sung, Pratap Tokekar . 2021. Game tree search for minimizing detectability and maximizing visibility .
Yoonchang Sung, Pratap Tokekar . 2019. A competitive algorithm for online multi-robot exploration of a translating plume .

Awards & Honors

2021 - Best Cognitive Robotics Paper Award Finalist, IROS
2021 - Best Robocup Paper Award Winner, IROS
2019 - Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) Pioneers
2015 - DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) Finalist