Registration Forms

Form Deadline Notes
Prerequisite Waiver Request 1 week before
registration begins.

These will be processed by the first day
of registration. Any requests received
after the deadline will be processed
after registration and you can access
the class during add-drops. 

CS Honors Course Request 1st day of class each

We will not review these requests until 
the 1st class day; if approved, you will
be emailed and added to the requested
course by the 5th class day. Please fill
out a form for EACH honors 
course you
are requesting.

Request to take over Maximum Hours 4th class day
The forms are available in the Advising Center only.
Request to take Graduate Course for
Graduate Credit
4th class day
Request to take Graduate Course for
Undergraduate Credit
4th class day

Admissions Forms for Current UT Students

Research Forms

Prior to registration for CS 370, the CS 370 contract will need to be turned into the front desk in GDC 2.702. The student will be added to the course upon approval of the faculty advisor. Please be aware this form needs to be signed by the supervising instructor overseeing the CS 370 research.

Contract must be completed prior to registering for CS 370.

C S Honors Thesis (C S 379H)
Contract must be completed and turned into GDC 2.702 prior to registering for CS 379H.

Certification Forms

CNS Forms Bank

At the College of Natural Science Forms Bank you'll find:

  • Graduation Application
  • Electronic Advising Worksheets
  • Application to Graduate in Absentia
  • Application to Walk in Commencement Ceremony
  • Third-time Repeat Appeal
  • Grade Contract


For policies in the Department of Computer Science, please view our CS Code of Conduct.