CS Proctors

Proctors are undergraduate assistants who provide classroom support to faculty, helping them teach and their students learn. Duties may include grading, holding computer lab hours, preparing course materials, and performing clerical tasks related to class records. Other course-related work may be assigned at the instructor’s discretion. Proctors are expected to meet deadlines, attend meetings in a timely and consistent manner, and to be available to grade final exams. Proctors are evaluated on their performance over the course of the semester, and it is critical that they be reliable and courteous to students.


Proctors can be assigned to work 10 or 15 hours per week at a flat pay rate of $10 per hour.


To hold a proctor position:

  • You must be a CS entry-level or CS major.
  • You must be enrolled for 12 hours in a long semester (fall or spring). You must be registered and your tuition paid for your appointment to be processed. *During the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters, students will only be required to enroll for at least 6 hours in a long semester. 
  • Your combined UT employment and semester-hour course load may not exceed 30 hours a week in any semester or summer term.
  • If you are assigned to multiple jobs on campus, your combined UT employment may not exceed 20 hours a week in any semester or summer term. 
  • You must successfully pass a background check and will be required to complete forms and submit documentation establishing your eligibility to work in the United States.

Application Process

To complete the Proctor Application, you need a UT EID and must provide the following:

  • A resume and list of previous work experience
  • A list of your 5 highest-level CS courses (or equivalent) taken, including the grade assigned and any programming languages used for each course
  • A list of the lower-division CS courses that you would prefer to proctor

Application deadlines are announced mid-semester and are posted online, via departmental flyers, and through the weekly CS email newsletter.

If you have questions or concerns about proctor assignments, please contact mcicero@cs.utexas.edu