Game Development Concentration

Current computer science majors can earn the Game Development Concentration and obtain internships and permanent jobs in game development and interactive entertainment.

As mobile, online, and social platforms improve, more and more opportunities arise in the inherently interdisciplinary field. Boost your creativity and technical skills, and enhance your education with the Game Development Concentration.





UT Austin consistently ranks in the top ten in Computer Science and Radio-Television-Film and has an award winning College of Fine Arts. The strength of three collaborating academic departments - Arts and Entertainment Technologies, Computer Science, and Radio-Television-Film insures that the Game Development Concentration is world-class. 

  • 7th

    Top Public Game Design Schools & Colleges
    Animation Career Review, 2017

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    Top Game Development Cities in the U.S.
    Game Industry Career Guide, 2015

  • 2ND

    Texas - Best States for Video Game Development
    Fortune, 2015

Projected Market Growth

Forecasted global games market growth from 2018 to 2022

Game Development Hub

Texas has the second largest concentration of game studios in the U.S., and Austin has more game studios than the rest of the sate combined.

Incorporating elements of design, artistry, production and engineering, the Game Development and Design program offers a fully unique educational experience for students, and serves as the launchpad for them to take on compelling roles in the game development field.


    To earn the Game Development Concentration students will need to complete the following courses:

    Before entering this program, students must take CS 371P: Object-Oriented Programming, CS 378 Generic Programming or CS 105 C++


    The Game Development Capstone courses—2D Game Development and 3D Game Development studio—synthesize the expertise that students acquire during the Concentration by enabling them to design, develop, and evaluate computer games. The classes are collaborative and interdisciplinary, consisting of teams of students from radio-television-film, fine arts, and computer science working together on a project. Students must choose one of these capstones to complete the Game Development Concentration. If both capstone courses are taken, the second may count as an elective.

    To enroll in the 2D Game Development course, students must first complete CS 354 Computer Graphics. For the 3D Game Development capstone, students must first complete CS 354R Game Technology or submit an application showing your game-related work, including work in software, designs, animation, artwork, sound, and game stories. Any material that demonstrates your skills in one or more areas of game development is welcome.

If you completed CS 429 during the Fall 2019 semester or before, you may complete this version of the TXCS Game Development Concentration.

These courses may change and additional courses may be added in the future.