10/04/2011 - Press the down arrow button, and it will ask you if you would like to print to normal paper that is available. Press OK and it should begin to print using the paper from one of the trays. Read more
02/15/2011 - You don't. The software is specifically setup to prevent you from doing this. Printers are not copiers and should not be used as such. Read more
02/15/2011 - Type 'lpq -Plw[printernumber]'. This will often display an error message such as "Out of paper" or "Paper jam". If one of these errors has occurred, correct it (put more paper in the printer or open it and clear the jam if the printer is not physically locked). If that doesn't fix the problem, or if no such problem is displayed, restart the printer daemon with the command /lusr/etc/restart_lw -Plw[printernumber] and see if that fixes it. If the printer seems to be hanging on a specific large job, try cancelling that job and restarting the printer daemon. Read more
02/15/2011 - Please see our documentation page on CUPS printing options. Read more
02/15/2011 - A lot of information about printers, including location, is stored in the file /lusr/share/etc/printcap -- you can look there for the location of a specific printer. You can also run man printers for usage and location information about the public printers. Read more
02/15/2011 - To find out which printers can be printed to ("public" printers), use the command ypmatch lw.pub machines. For more information about the printers (location, usage, etc.) please run man printers. Read more
02/15/2011 - You can type "man printers" for information on how to use the printers, what the printer names are and how to refer to them, etc. The commands to use the printer are: lpr -Plw[printernumber] [yourfile] - prints "yourfile" to the named printer. lpq -Plw[printernumber] - displays the current print queue for the named printer. lprm -Plw[printernumber] [job ID] - removes the job with ID job-ID from the print queue for the named printer. Job ID's are found with 'lpq'. Read more
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