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From YYN Your News Now | Texas, nation in need of computer scientists

Nationwide, computer scientists are in high demand.In Central Texas, high school seniors David Weiser and Alex Smith are ahead of the game when it comes to computers. They’ve developed a new social media website called Webcam Window.

"We've created a content filtered version of almost any kind of random chat site that are online right now as well as we've tied in a profile system," Weiser explained.As far back as he can remember, he said he's been interested in technology.

“I was a kid who always liked to play with wires instead of action figures," Weiser said.
Luckily, what he and Smith love to do has given them skills companies are after.

Bruce Porter, the Computer Science chair at the University of Texas said on a national level the statistics are telling."Right now American universities are producing about half of the graduates that industry demands," Porter said.The demand for jobs is high in the technical sector and in positions that deal with computer science, like web and software developers."We produce about 20 percent of all the computer scientists trained in Texas," Porter explained.

However, Porter said he knows it's not enough."The state does not produce as many computer programmers as is demanded by industry so local companies are recruiting out of state," he said.Still, Austin is an attractive home for tech companies. Porter said the schools have programs to train the proper workforce."Facebook has moved to Austin recently. They will probably grow their presence here. So for students that are interested in computer gaming, the social aspects of computer science, this is a very exciting time to get involved," Porter said.Weiser said the opportunity has put him at the right place at the right time.The UT computer science department is expanding by 50 percent. A brand new building is under construction to make room on campus. It's scheduled to be completed by 2012.