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Professor Calvin has been selected for this year's Jean Holloway Award. Calvin Lin was student-nominated and student-selected awarded for this recognition.

The Jean Holloway Award for Excellence in Teaching was created in 1970 with an endowment from past Texas Exes president Sterling Holloway and his wife, Jean. The award, which amounts to more than $4,500 annually, is presented each year to a teacher in the College of Liberal Arts or Natural Sciences.

Recipients must demonstrate a warm spirit, a concern for society and the individual, and the ability to impart knowledge while challenging students to independent inquiry and creative thought. He or she must also show a respect for and understanding of the permanent values of our culture.

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As a former student of Calvin, I have to say that he definitely deserves this award. Congratulations, Professor Lin!
I was in his parallel systems class when a bunch of people brought in balloons and cookies and announced he had won the award. All very exciting! Of course, completely deserved.
Well deserved. Calvin was a great teacher, guide, and example. Thanks.

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