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The department hosted prospective Ph.D. students at GradFest 2013, a two-day exploration of UTCS research, resources, and community. Over 30 admitted students attended panel discussions, toured labs, and met with faculty one-on-one. Current graduate students hosted the out-of-towners in their own homes for a real look at life as a UTCS grad student.

This year's event was held February 21-24, 2013. Prospective students were given an overview of the department, got a close-up look at research labs, enjoyed the newly completed Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex/Dell Computer Science Hall, and checked out the UT campus. After a busy day, prospectives attended the TGIF sponsored by Google where they had the opportunity to relax and socialize with UTCS faculty, current grad students and staff. Current grad students organized a variety of social events that highlighted the famous Austin lifestyle (consistently ranked in the top 10 U.S. cities to live in).

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