Calvin Lin sitting in a chair in the GDC atrium

Calvin Lin, a professor of computer science at The University of Texas at Austin, has won the Minnie Stevens Piper Teaching Award, which celebrates outstanding postsecondary teaching.
Since 1958, the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation, a non-profit, charitable corporation focused on postsecondary education in Texas, has selected excellent educators from four- and two-year institutions from across Texas to be named "Piper Professors" for their superior teaching at the college level.
His numerous teaching and research awards stem from work he has led in the Department of Computer Science advancing teaching, research and scholarship related to computer architecture, parallel computing, programming languages, and security and privacy. He oversees the Turing Scholars Honors program, a CS honors program that provides an intense and challenging curriculum, which culminates in undergraduate research.
UT Austin submits just one nomination annually for the Piper Award, and the Piper Foundation selects 10 winners from across the state. The award honors outstanding academic, scientific and scholarly achievement, as well as dedication to the teaching profession. 

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