Alexander Huth

Assistant Professor
Alexander is assistant professor of Neuroscience and Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. His research uses computational methods to model how the brain processes language and represents meaning. Alexander is also interested in fMRI technology and data visualization.


Research Interests: 
  • fMRI technology
  • Data visualization
  • Neuroscience
Research Labs & Affiliations: 


Select Publications

Hamilton, L. S., & Huth, A. G.. 2018, July 22. The revolution will not be controlled: natural stimuli in speech neuroscience. Taylor and Francis.
Matusz, P. J., Dikker, S., Huth, A. G., & Perrodin, C.. 2018. Are We Ready for Real-world Neuroscience? . Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Turek, J., & Huth, A. G.. 2018, June. Efficient, sparse representation of manifold distance matrices for classical scaling.
de Heer, W. A., Huth, A. G., Gri ths, T. L., eunissen, F. E., & Gallant, J. L.. 2017. The hierarchical cortical organization of human speech processing..
Nishimoto, S., Huth, A. G., Bilenko, N. Y., & Gallant, J. L.. 2017. Eye movement-invariant representations in the human visual system.