Inderjit Dhillon

Inderjit Dhillon is an ACM, IEEE, SIAM, and AAAS fellow who is also Director of the Center for Big Data Analytics. His research interests are in machine learning, large-scale data analysis and bioinformatics. He is focused on developing novel algorithms that respect the underlying problem structure and are scalable to massive data sets. His work involves high-dimensional data analysis, divide-and-conquer methods for big data analytics, social network analysis, and predicting gene-disease associations.

Select Publications

H. Cho and I. S. Dhillon. July 2008. Co-clustering of Human Cancer Microarrays using Minimum Sum-Squared Residue Co-clustering. ransactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics .
J. V. Davis, B. Kulis, P. Jain, S. Sra, and I. S. Dhillon. June 2007. Information-Theoretic Metric Learning. Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth International Conference on Machine Learning.
A. Banerjee, S. Merugu, I. S. Dhillon, and J. Ghosh. October 2005. Clustering with Bregman Divergences. Journal of Machine Learning Research .
P. Bientinesi, I.S. Dhillon, and R.A. van de Geijn. September 2005. A Parallel Eigensolver for Dense Symmetric Matrices based on Multiple Relatively Robust Representations. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing.
I.S. Dhillon and B.N. Parlett. March 2004. Orthogonal Eigenvectors and Relative Gaps. SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications.

Awards & Honors

2016 - AAAS Fellow
2015 - Alcalde's Texas 10
2014 - ACM Fellow
2014 - Gottesman Family Centennial Professor
2014 - SIAM Fellow
2014 - IEEE Fellow
2013 - ICES Distinguished Research Award
2012 - Best Paper, IEEE International Conference on Data Mining
2011 - SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize
2011 - Moncrief Grand Challenge Award