Notes for dates later than the next class day are provisional and subject to change. Lecture notes are all in PDF format.

Date Title Readings and Assignments Activities
1/17 Introduction to Graphics

1/19 Basic Shapes Hands-on: Creating Geometry  

1/22 Using Attributes Assignment 1 Available Hands-on: Using Attributes  

1/24 Color Hands-on: Using Color  

1/26 Image Manipulation: Pixel Traversal Hands-on: Creating Tint  

1/29 Image Manipulation: Filters and Convolutions Assignment 1 Due

Assignment 2 Available

Hands-on: Understanding Convolutions  

1/31 Image Manipulation: Filters and Convolutions Hands-on: Using Convolutions  

2/2 Interactivity Teams Assigned Hands-on: Triggering Events  

2/5 Strings and Text Assignment 2 Due

Assignment 3 Available

Hands-on: Using Strings  

2/7 Typography and Fonts Hands-on: Displaying Text  

2/9 Object-Oriented Programming Hands-on: Creating Classes  

2/12 Components and Inheritance Assignment 3 Due

Assignment 4 Available

Hands-on: Building with Inheritance  

2/14 Scene Hierarchies Hands-on: Creating Scene Hierarchies  

2/16 Shapes Hands-on: Using PShapes  

2/19 UML and System Design Assignment 4 Progress Report Due Hands-on: Using UML Diagrams  

2/21 Transforms Hands-on: Using Transformations  

2/23 Interpolation Hands-on: Using Linear Interpolation  

2/26 Non-linear Motion Assignment 4 Due

Assignment 5 Available

Hands-on: Using Non-linear Motion  

2/28 Non-linear Motion Hands-on: Using Non-linear Motion  

3/2 3D Shapes Assignment 5 Progress Report Due Hands-on: Moving Cameras  

3/5 Lighting Hands-on: Using Lighting  

3/7 Textures Hands-on: Using Textures  

3/9 Simulation and Particle Systems Assignment 5 Due

Assignment 6 Available

Hands-on: Basic Forces and Particles  

3/12-3/17 Spring Break  

3/19 Physical Simulation Assignment 6 Progress Report Due Hands-on: Using Masses and Springs  

3/21 Cellular Automata Hands-on: Game of Life and Ants  

3/23 Event-driven Programming: GUIs Hands-on: Understanding GUI Events  

3/26 GUI Interfaces Assignment 6 Due

Assignment 7 Available

Hands-on: Creating Widgets  

3/28 Animation Hands-on: Sprite Animations  

3/30 Timers Hands-on: A Timer Class  

4/2 Data Structures Assignment 7 Progress Report Due Hands-on: Data Structure Review  

4/4 Data Hands-on: Using CSVs  

4/6 Data Hands-on: Using JSON and XML  

4/9 Sound Assignment 7 Due

Assignment 8 Available

Hands-on: Sound in Processing  

4/11 Electronics Hands-on: Electronics  

4/13 Regular Expressions Hands-on: Using Regular Expressions  

4/16 Tour of the Vislab  

4/18 Showcase of Final Projects Assignment 8 Due

Final Project Available


4/20 Group Formation  

4/23 Tour of the Vislab Final Project Plan Submitted  

4/25 In-Class Workday Hands-on: Code Review  

4/27 Class Presentations Final Project Progress Report Due  

4/30 Class Presentations  

5/2 Class Presentations  

5/4 Class Presentations Final Project Due  

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