The main criteria used to evaluate applicants for graduate study in CS are grades, test scores, computer science background, letters of reference, and a statement of purpose. We encourage applicants to provide a resume and publications (if any). Applications are evaluated holistically, and admissions decisions are made based on the pool of applicants for a given year. We are committed to maintaining a diverse student population and encourage applications from students from around the world and from students from traditionally underrepresented groups. 

No one factor will affect admission, but a strong applicant to our program might have:
GRE-Q 166 or more and GRE-V 160 or more;
GPA 3.5 or more from a good university; 
Mostly A's in Math and upper CS courses such as Operating Systems, Compilers, Networks, Algorithms, AI, Architecture; 
Internship at a prestigious lab, interesting research projects, paper(s);
Strong letters, especially from research supervisor or professors.

While not required, a previous CS bachelor’s degree is strongly recommended since admission is very competitive. Successful applicants usually have an undergraduate degree in CS or a closely related area such as Electrical and Computer Engineering. Applicants admitted to the Texas Computer Science graduate program usually have shown their skills in CS by achieving a better than average GPA in their CS courses. For the application, you will be asked to provide transcripts. Any additional experience may be included in your statement of purpose or CV. Use of computers at work or some experience programming are not considered to be equivalent to a CS degree and courses.

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