Student Organizations

The richness of the graduate student experience in UT Computer Science transcends academic and research pursuits. While courses and studies are essential, active engagement within the CS department and the broader UT campus shapes critical facets of this exploration. As graduate students, you play a key role in shaping the dynamic aspects of the CS experience. Collaborating with your peers not only fosters personal development but also adds to the overall fabric of the CS graduate community, enhancing its collective experience.

CS Student Organizations

Our graduate community hosts various CS organizations that play a crucial role in enriching the experience of computer science graduate students. Through dedicated peer support initiatives and fostering a sense of belonging, our organizations aim to enhance the graduate journey by providing essential resources and community-driven experiences tailored to the unique needs of computer science graduate students.

The College of Natural Sciences, which the CS department is a part of, houses numerous student organizations where CS students actively participate. Coordinated by the Dean of Students Office, UT Austin boasts over 1,000 active student organizations.