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The Department of Computer Sciences (CS) recognized scholarship donors, Friends of Computer Sciences (FoCS) members, and scholarship recipients with a Scholarship Luncheon at the Texas Union on March 8, 2006.

Geri Castanon, BAE Systems, receives a recognition certificate from J Moore, UTCS chair.As invitees enjoyed a slide show highlighting the honored students, CS Chair, J Strother Moore paid tribute to the involvement and generosity of scholarship donors and FoCS members. During a hearty lunch, students, faculty, industry leaders and donors made important connections, learned more about each other and celebrated accomplishments. There were 48 undergraduate scholarship recipients this year, receiving a total of $105,710. Corporate scholarships totaled $40,790.

We appreciate the generosity of corporations, families and friends who have named scholarships in honor of a loved one or family member and appreciate the generosity of our corporate donors:

  • Boylan Family Endowed Scholarship
  • James C. Browne Fellowship
  • Centaur Technology (Also an FoCS member)
  • ConocoPhillips (Also an FoCS member)
  • Freescale
  • Lockheed Martin (Also an FoCS member)
  • Microsoft (Also an FoCS member)
  • Motorola
  • Parrish Computer Sciences Scholarship
  • Angus G. and Erna Pearson Endowed Scholarship
  • Jack Seriff Endowed Presidential Scholarship
  • Louis C. Rosier Memorial Scholarship
  • Texas Education & Technical Consortium
  • Tracor-McBee, Jr. Endowed Scholarship— BAE Systems
  • Unrestricted Presidential Endowments
  • Verizon

2006 Scholarship LunchFor information on joining the FoCS program contact and see the links below:

My Experience at the Scholarship Lunch — Todd Roling, UTCS Junior

Todd Roling, UTCS SeniorI decided in January that this would be the semester I search for jobs, and began making a concerted effort to find just the right situation. At the UTCS scholarship lunch, I met Jerry Dziuk from IBM and he distributed my resume to a plethora of hiring managers inside IBM. I also received a second offer from another company through a contact made at the lunch, but selected a part-time position with IBM which I'm extremely excited about.

For my efforts during the semester, I received six job offers, but the most lucrative and interesting opportunities came from the scholarship lunch. Thanks to UTCS, FoCS, and all the wonderful scholarship donors, I now have a dream fulfilled, a great learning experience ahead of me, and a paycheck!

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