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Aditya Akella and Collaborators Earn Test of Time Award

Posted by Staci R Norman on Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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The ACM Internet Measurement Conference 2010 research paper “Network Traffic Characteristics of Data Centers in the Wild”, written by UT Computer Science Professor Aditya Akella, along with collaborators Theophilus Benson and David A. Maltz, has been selected as a recipient of SIGCOMM Test-of-Time Paper Award for 2022.

This award, in recognition of the lasting impact of their work, is recognized for its insightful characterization of the traffic patterns and network topologies in modern data centers, and the curation of public datasets that enabled academic research on data-center networks.

The 2022 award papers were selected by a committee comprising Fadel Adib from MIT, Venkat Padmanabhan (chair) from Microsoft Research India, Jennifer Rexford from Princeton, and Renata Teixeira from Netflix.

The ACM SIGCOMM Test of Time Award recognizes papers published 10 to 12 years in the past in Computer Communication Review or any SIGCOMM sponsored or co-sponsored conference that is deemed to be an outstanding paper whose contents are still a vibrant and useful contribution today.1

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