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UT Computer Science Professors Aditya Aella and Emmett Witchel against a blue background.
Computer Scientists Aditya Akella and Emmett Witchel have been named 2023 Fellows of the Association for Computing Machinery. Read More
Professor David Zuckerman sitting at his desk in his office writing on a tablet of paper.
David Zuckerman is a professor of computer science whose research focuses primarily on pseudorandomness and the role of randomness in computing. Read More
Professor Vijay Chidambaram leaning against the GDC stairway smiling. A slanted orange overlay with text reads, 'The CS Assistant Professor Handbook: Essential know-how for new and aspiring computer science professors by Vijay Chidambaram'
Academia can be opaque from the outside to folks who wonder what being a professor is like. This can be a hurdle for aspiring graduate students, who are interested in the role, but are anxious about all the different things that are required as a professor. Vijay Chidambaram, Professor of Computer Science at UT Austin, has authored a book, "The CS Assistant Professor Handbook: Essential know-how for new and aspiring computer science professors", to tackle this challenge. Read More
A night view of a city scene with multiple highway overpasses overlapping.
In mathematical optimization, a new approach is emerging, promising to transform how we tackle intricate challenges across various domains. Consider the complexity of bilevel optimization, a problem that has confounded experts in machine learning, engineering, and other fields. Recent advances are providing new insights into this intricate landscape, presenting a streamlined technique that has the potential to significantly enhance our ability to navigate these complex problems. Read More
Smriti Singh spends a lot of time on social media. But, not in the way most students do. Read More
Professor Calvin Lin with current Turing Scholars Honors students in fall 2023
This year, the Department of Computer Science is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Turing Scholars Honors Program, a milestone that recognizes the many talented students the program has seen since its inception. Over the years, the program has established itself as one of the premier computer science honors programs in the country, leaving a lasting impact on its graduates’ academic and professional journeys. Read More
UT Computer Science Professor Keshav Pingali in front of the Gates Dell Complex at The University of Texas at Austin
It’s 4 a.m. in Italy. Jet lagged before a conference, Keshav Pingali, professor of Computer Science and core faculty member at the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences, found himself unable to sleep. His response to this restlessness will feel familiar to many a reader: he opened his laptop to check his email. Read More
UT Computer Science Professor Emeritus Simon Lam
Simon Lam has been inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame for creating the first secure sockets layer in 1993 for internet applications. Read More
a chipmunk stuffing peanuts into its cheeks
The work of researchers from The University of Texas at Austin’s Department of Computer Science in crash consistency has yielded a breakthrough innovation—the Chipmunk system. At its core, Chipmunk zeroes in on a crucial mission—meticulously testing file systems to identify and tackle crash consistency bugs that can significantly impact data integrity and system reliability. The UT Austin team has produced a promising solution that could pave the way for a new era in data storage and stability. Read More
UT Computer Science Professor and Department Chair Don Fussell
Don Fussell, Department Chair and Professor of Computer Science, has received the prestigious CNS Rom Rhome Leadership Award from the College of Natural Sciences at UT Austin. This award celebrates his outstanding contributions to the field and exemplary service as an academic leader. Read More