2017-2018 Turing Scholars Student Association Officers

A Unique Educational Experience

The Turing Scholars Program is an honors program for outstanding computer science undergraduates. Housed in the nation's 10th ranked CS department, the program's mission is to provide a CS education that is second to none.

» Benefits

The program combines the advantages of a small college—small class sizes, close interaction with faculty, and honors housing—with the advantages of a large research university, including a large variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, and ample opportunities for interdisciplinary studies.

» Curriculum

The program provides an intense and challenging curriculum that culminates in undergraduate research in the junior and senior years.

» Success

Student feedback, placement in summer jobs and internships, scholarship awards, and corporate endorsement all point to one conclusion: the Turing Scholars Honors Program is highly successful.

» Blog

For information on achievements of current Turing Scholars as well as the academic, vocational, and social aspects of program, come check out our blog page!