The Turing Scholars degree plan largely mimics our traditional CS degree plan but includes 10 honors courses that challenge our students in different ways. Highlights of our honors curriculum include:

  • An intensive, accelerated set of classes in freshman year, taken with a cohort of honors students
  • Small classes (30-60 students), which offer more room for students to engage with professors
  • Reserved seating in upper-division honors electives, from quantum information to network security
  • Two undergraduate research courses that culminate in an undergraduate honors thesis

To see a typical four-year plan, check out the Honors section in the UTCS degree plans page

Honors core

Students take honors classes covering data structures, discrete mathematics, computer architecture, operating systems, and algorithms, typically in the first two years.

World-class faculty

Honors classes are taught by faculty who work at the cutting-edge of computer science and who have demonstrated excellence in teaching.


Turing Scholars are encouraged to begin undergraduate research as early as possible, and we have created many programs and events to facilitate such research.