02/05/2004 - Computer Sciences reported among the top five! According to an article published by CNN on February 5, 2004, Computer Sciences is the 5th top lucrative degree with an average $48,656 per year starting salary. The starting salary for recent graduates with a Computer Science degree has jumped up 8.9% in the past year, the best increase of the 19 most lucrative degrees listed. To read this article, go to CNN.com Read more
06/15/2000 - In fall 2000, the Department of Computer Sciences will introduce a new student status, Pre-Computer Science. All freshmen and transfer students admitted for fall 2000 and subsequent semesters will be assigned this new code. These students must complete a four-course basic sequence before applying for admission as CS majors in either the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences program. The four courses are: CS307, CS315, M408C, and Phl313K. Students must have a UT GPA 2.45 or better in these courses to apply. Read more


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