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Professor Inderjit Dhillon and Assistant Professor Pradeep Ravikumar, together with their postdoc Ambuj Tewari, had remarkable success at The Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) Conference this year. They submitted seven papers and all were accepted. NIPS's acceptance rate is about 20%. The papers are:

  1. Sparse Inverse Covariance Matrix Estimation Using Quadratic Approximation. C. J. Hsieh, M. Sustik, I. S. Dhillon and P. Ravikumar.
  2. Orthogonal Matching Pursuit with Replacement. P. Jain, A. Tewari, and I. S. Dhillon.
  3. Greedy Algorithms for Structurally Constrained High Dimensional Problems. A. Tewari, P. Ravikumar and I. S. Dhillon.
  4. Nearest Neighbor Based Greedy Coordinate Descent. I. S. Dhillon, P. Ravikumar and A. Tewari.
  5. On Learning Discrete Graphical Models Using Greedy Methods. A. Jalali, C. Johnson, P. Ravikumar.
  6. On the Universality of Online Mirror Descent. N. Srebro, K. Sridharan and A. Tewari.
  7. Online Learning: Stochastic, Constrained, and Smoothed Adversaries. A. Rakhlin, K. Sridharan and A. Tewari.