We're looking for highly motivated students with strong math and science backgrounds.  Evidence of leadership as exhibited by significant extracurricular involvement is a plus.


Apply online to both UT Austin and the Turing Scholars Honors Program by following the directions on the UT Austin Admissions web page.  You will need do the following (before the December 1st deadline):

  • Submit the UT common application
  • Fill out the Online Honors Application
  • Submit letters of recommendation from math, CS, and other science teachers

Honors Housing

Students in the Turing Scholars Honors Program are eligible to apply for the honors dorms that house students from UT Austin's various honors programs.  Interested students should apply for on-campus housing by the priority deadline.  Each Spring, our department forwards to the Housing office a list of students who have been accepted to the Turing Scholars Honors Program.  Once Housing has received and processed the list, parents or students may contact that office to request a space in the Honors Dorm.  We typically have enough space to accommodate all Turing Scholars students who apply early for housing.

Students should apply for housing as early as possible, preferably when applying to UT Austin.